Friday, September 16, 2016

Warriors for Neurodiversity Wins Online Leaderboard Champions

The Warriors for Neurodiversity are our Official Champions of our Online Leaderboard!!

Congratulations to Team Marcie Butters and Gregory Fried on all of your hard work and support!!

It ain't over til it's over though... Will the Warriors win the Championship Title of Bartending Champion tonight? Voting will continue at the live event and tickets can be purchased at the door for $40.

Follow us on social media @ucfoundation for Live Updates tonight!

1. Marcie Butters and Gregory Fried 3546 Votes
2. Julissa Caballero and Kendra Erika 2994 Votes
3. Sarah Hassan and Bill Kruegel 1136 Votes
4. Felette Branch and Heather Shaw 1021 Votes

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