Thursday, September 15, 2016

1 Day Until our 3rd Annual Bartender's Battle!!!

Team Warriors for Neurodiversity are UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Team Marcie Butters and Gregory Fried have dominated the Leaderboard for an unprecedented 5 weeks in a row!! This week, the FINAL week, could not only be their 6th, but would name them Bartending Champions!!

They are also officially the FIRST team to EXCEED their Online Fundraising Goal of $3000, causing them to raise 109% of their goal AND COUNTING!

Please Note: Online Voting and Ticket Sales end tomorrow (Friday) at 12pm EST. Voting will then continue at the event and tickets can be purchased at the door.

1. Marcie Butters and Gregory Fried 3256 Votes
2. Julissa Caballero and Kendra Erika 2951 Votes
3. Sarah Hassan and Bill Kruegel 1136 Votes
4. Felette Branch and Heather Shaw 966 Votes

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