Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vote for Team Evan and Constance!

Team Evan and Constance are eager to pour you a drink, but they need your tips! Help get them out of last place so they can take home the coveted trophy!!

Congratulations to Team Gregory and Felette who landed themselves back into First Place over the weekend!!

The competition is still EXTREMELY close. Remember - no matter which bartending team wins, Unicorn is the true winner. Proceeds from this event will support the Unicorn Children’s Foundation’s efforts to transform communities to engage, inspire, empower, and include individuals with neurodiversity in everyday routines, activities, and places.

1. Gregory Fried & Felette Branch 2210 Votes
2. Bill Kruegel & Sarah Hassan 2117 Votes
3. Angela Fisher & Silvana Halperin 251 Votes
4. Evan Golden & Constance Josanu 225 Votes

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