Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thank You for Attending Life is a Beach

A huge Thank You to Nicole Shelley, OndadeMar at Town Center Boca, and Morgan Stanley for a beautiful evening and your incredible generosity!!

To our Honorary Guests: Kathleen Grace, Felette Thompson-Branch, Silvana Halperin, and Angela Fisher, thank you for being such an inspiration every day. 

A dedication to the beauty and resilience of the modern woman. Learn the story of OndadeMar and its inspiration for embracing all women. Meet the women who have shaped the success of other women and families in our community. 

Special book signing by Kathleen Grace, author of Prince Not So Charming

Hosted by: OndadeMarNicole Shelley Greenidge Prattico, Unicorn Children's Foundation, and Morgan Stanley.

30% of Proceeds to benefit Unicorn Children's Foundation

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