Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Two days left. Make them count. Give the gift of kindness!

Imagine if, just because you were different, 

                             your peers called you names… 

                                                excluded you from activities…

                                                                            or physically hurt you…


Nearly 85% of children with special needs are victims of bullying by their peers.

Help us break down stereotypes and stigmas which may result in isolation and bullying


Creating Compassionate Children TM – a character development curriculum designed to help students create a culture of understanding, acceptance, inclusion, and respect. 


With your support, we will donate Creating Compassionate Children TM toolkits to encourage meaningful change in preschool and elementary school classrooms.  These kits will help teachers educate their students to better understand about peers who think, communicate, and learn differently.


An annual day of compassion and acceptance is being planned for April 1, 2016 where community leaders and volunteers will read the story of Clay and Ruthie and engage the students to talk about individual differences and abilities and how to be a supportive friend regardless of these differences.  Each character development toolkit costs $100. Will you help share this message of kindness by gifting this program to one or more classrooms with a tax-deductible year-end donation?


 “One of the most difficult things for me in accepting my son’s diagnosis is knowing that someday he will be made fun of or bullied.” John, father of a 4 year old with Autism

P.S. We haven’t heard from you yet?  Won’t you help by making a donation to provide as many kits possible to schools?  Please send your gift now!  A child with special needs is counting on you to help make a difference in their lives.  

The toolkit will include: fact sheets for teachers, samples of sensory items that can help children manage sensory overload, ideas for children to continue and promote the conversation through the Creating Compassionate ChildrenTM character development curriculum and the book, Exceptionally Good Friends: Building Relationship with Autism (winner of 2013 Mom’s Choice Awards and 2015 Autism Society Dr. Temple Grandin Outstanding Literary Work of the Year).   


$100.00 per Kit      

Bradford Renaissance Portraits has partnered with The Unicorn Children's Foundation to raise funds and awareness. To each donor of $200 or greater donation to The Unicorn Children's Foundation, Bradford Portraits will donate a Portrait Seating plus a 14" Wall Portrait on Canvas.

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