Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Emphasize the Possibilities, Not the Disabilities

Imagine struggling to understand your child. By the age of three, Sammy was still not speaking. Certain sounds and smells seemed to throw him into a rage. No one understood his distress, not even his parents. Currently, one in six children has a developmental disability or delay. Early identification and treatment will have a significant impact on a child’s ability to learn and communicate.

Won’t you help us provide free screenings for these children? $40 will allow us to screen one child and get their family the vital information they need.

Unicorn Children’s Foundation Mobile Screening Clinics, operated in partnership with local universities, provide free developmental screenings and parent referrals.

Every gift - $40, $80, any amount that is right for you- allows us to provide these vital screenings.

Research indicates that symptoms of neurodiversity may be spotted as early as 14 months. Unfortunately, more than half of these children will not be diagnosed until as late as kindergarten. This is a missed opportunity to change the life of a child.

The UCF Mobile Screening Clinics are designed to go into underserved communities to provide free critical assessments.

Every gift can help screen a child and start them on their path to reaching their full potential.

P.S. Your donation of $40 or more can be a child’s best hope to connect with the world!

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