Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Freddie Mac Seeks Autistic Interns

Freddie Mac, a leading mortgage lending company, is partnering with the The Autistic Self Advocacy Network to place Autistic interns in full time, paid positions. Freddie Mac is dedicated to include Autistic people as part of a diverse workforce.

All positions will be held on the Freddie Mac campus in McLean, Va. Accepting the job requires relocation for people outside the Washington, D.C. metro and surrounding areas. Resumes will be accepted through June 14, 2013. Each internship will last for 16 weeks from the start date. Internships will start in early July 2013. 

Resumes must be sent to resumes@autisticadvocacy.org. 

Architecture & Data Services Intern
Assist team in improving documentation of the department processes. Support organization in creating department reports and metrics against data.

Single Family CFO Strategy, Planning and Development Analyst Intern
Data analysis internship involves assembling, automating assembly of, and cleaning up financial data elements for a financial estimation and scenario analysis tool.

Securities Internship
This internship involves strong analytical work related to Freddie Mac’s mortgage-backed securities. The internship starts with an intensive learning environment in which the intern learns about Freddie Mac’s securities and the work that Securitization does to monitor security performance. The intern will be expected to actively participate in our group’s training and learn a variety of analytical reports which will be used by management up to the executive level. The intern will help to setup Giant transactions with Wall Street Dealers.

Testing Internship
Test Analyst to support the multiple testing services projects/initiatives in the Application Management area under IT Delivery Services.

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